Willow and rain

Bell and Ten

You must listen harder

to hear a bell at rest.

Sticks are bundled like years in a decade.

They are easier to count

that way – a better sort

for the brain’s


tree of moments wound together

by motif instead

of ordered

by incidence. Listen.

Can you hear the bell?

Visual Art

Represented in Taos by Parsons Gallery of the West, 122 D Kit Carson Road, Taos New Mexico, 87571, 800-613-5091. A portfolio of paintings, and more from Melwell Romancito. Oils and acrylics, multi-media, watercolor are in this catalog, Melwell Romancito Fine Art.

Explorations of virtual reality spaces, mathematical formulas, geometry, and space with fractal experiments are on the website which features digital art. GreasyAtoms.com

Romancito is also known for taking photographs in her hometown of Taos, New Mexico, of people and events and the landscape. Here are a selection of the kinds of photographs in her archives and photo folders.