New systems check-in

Every 10 years or so I get a new computer or impose a new system on my workflow, and I have just finished another transition.

Besides being able to download a new version of Chaotica to experience the new Garageband which is resident on the new iMac, it’s been quite a wonderful shift.

As soon as I am able I will be buying the professional version, finally, of Chaotica, so I can finally make the animations I have dreamed of.

Regarding Garageband, on the surface, it is still the Playskool application for song-making but there is enough to fiddle with now that makes it a little easier to imagine actually composing with it.

So, deep in the heart of winter, I am feeling a well-spring of creativity eager to force its way to the surface. Coupled with the VR work I’m doing in the Oculus, I am very excited for the future.

Yaaaaaas 🙂