Two upcoming Black Mesa gigs

I have two upcoming gigs at Black Mesa Winery Tasting Room at 241 Ledoux Street in Taos, New Mexico.

I’ve been working on visuals for the two concerts and I have one for the March gig that chimes in with the full moon and the sense that Spring is not yet with us. I also plan to read a couple of stanzas of Allen Ginsberg to begin the evening.


I’ve been working on new material featuring open tunings, slide and more blues. We’ll see if I’m ready to bring any of the new stuff out. Meanwhile, I’ve been working on tying up a few loose ends on songs I’ve half-finished for decades. Again, we’ll see if any of these are going to be ready in time.

ASpril’s gig comes at the end of the month and while I was making this graphic I was having a pretty intense spell of spring fever. Can you tell?