Multiple identities? Nah.

day-of-dead-wo-earringsI didn’t realize I was confusing people.

As usual, I’m roaring around thinking people are keeping up with my BS when in fact they are bobbing in my wake, saying “WTF?”

Even if they like me and grant me all sorts of dispensations, I’ve left people confused.

Recently someone asked me if I could keep all my AKAs straight. But instead of “also know as” they were thinking they were entirely different personas. Maybe they are and I just don’t know it but in my mind, all this time, I thought it was clear.

“M” is the first letter of my first name, Melody. When I was in highschool, one of my friends noticed I signed my artwork and personal writing with “M. Elwell,” with Elwell being my last name. She shortened it to “Melwell,” and that became one of the names I was known by.

I never cared for shortening to “Mel,” although I allowed a few people to refer to me as such. Calling me “M” was ok with me and one of my old boyfriends called me “Mel Gee,” which was the way a little kid would say Melody if they got lost on the way to that second vowel.

When I married my husband, I acquired his last name, the beautiful and Italian “Romancito.” The spelling and pronunciation are pretty straightforward with the only real issues being telemarketers who stumble and say “Roman-ti-co.” Rather than irritating me I am grateful that the telemarketers are announcing who they are right off the bat.

Some of the old timers here in Taos like to say Ramon-cito and have actually corrected both my husband and me, mainly because they think the name is a diminutive form of the name Ramon, not knowing the name actually means “Little Catholic.”

When Rick and I got married, I decided to lose my drab middle name and use my maiden name as my middle name. I understand this is very common now, and I am happy to have my maiden name as part of my legal name.

When I was working for a local radio station, I rolled back to my maiden name so the connection between myself and my husband who edits for the local newspaper wasn’t so apparent, although, to anyone who knew, it really made no difference.

When I started publishing my own books, I decided to drop the “Melody” for a variety of reasons I don’t find necessary to discuss here, but it was a simple decision and I decided to pick up and resonate with my youthful self … and I started signing my name M. Elwell Romancito, which gets shortened to Melwell Romancito.

I thought it was a pretty easy progression but I was a little stunned that it seems like I have diluted (or deluded!) my identity with all these names.

Now I will say I create music under the “alter-ego” of Calling Sister Midnight, or CSM, but that is because I am using materials that are part of the Creative Commons, sharing of material and working with collaborators. This is to distinguish singer-songwriter materials from more collaborative electronic work.

I apologize for the confusion and for those of you who are think, “Who gives a damn?” I am surprised you got all the way to the end!

Oh. And Greasy Adams is a brand name for fractal images.